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Complete restorations

Complete restorations

Full restoration of classic cars

The topic restoration of a classic car resounds throughout the land. We – the ORC – use our knowledge and our professional competence for the preservation of a very especially car: the unique Mercedes G, built since 1979. Hardly no other car kept his design so consistent since the first model. Many people judge him as old-fashioned angular, we simply call it the original. And exactly this inspires enthusiasts and fans of the Mercedes G, especially for the older models.

Complete restoration of classic cars intrinsically

The probably most famous car in this sector is a completely restored Mercedes 280 GE, rebuilt in 2009. This G was completely rebuilt in endless working hours. This project was done in cooperation with the television channel Kabel1 for the broadcast Abenteuer Auto (= adventure car).
A complete restoration cannot be calculated previously. So entrust your Mercedes G to the company which literally knows each screw at the Mercedes G – so this is the clearly the ORC Holzgerlingen. No matter if bodywork, electric, suspension, interior, painting, mechanic or engine works, we offer all the restoration in one hand. In the usual ORC quality.

How does a restoration work?

First the car will be examined and reviewed together. What are the necessary restorations, what could be done more over. You decide which effort we should take. By request your car will be evaluated by an independent expert. Finally you will enjoy your car for decades.

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Mercedes G-Klasse Komplettrestauration
Mercedes G-Klasse Komplettrestauration
Mercedes G-Klasse Komplettrestauration