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Interior, GPS, rallye computer

The interior and also kind and scale of the setting is for
  • driver on long trips
  • traveler on the journey as well as for the
  • rallye raid competitor
during the journey or the competition the most important – beside the stability of the vehicle. Clear arrangements in and at the dashboard permit a comfortable journey as well as a simple and safe handling during the rallye.

Comfort and storage

On journeys the wish for a bit of comfort - lets say by ergonomically formed seats or safe luggage storage - in the especially for Mercedes G develloped storage boxes, from ORC in all possible versions, predominate. So this is why provide mounted boxes for example over the wheelhouses, behind the middle console, under the handbrake or over the sunshields. We use on customer request all possibilities of reasonable storage. Like to hear an example? The G 461 PUR/Professional has an empty place under the centre console. Will be a valuable storage when modified with a flap lid. Also exciting the ORC drawer system, you choose from the single drawer or the extended double drawer.

Rallye sport

At the rallye sport we face totally different requirements to the vehicle. Anything should be lightweight there, but also stable and safe. Special race seats combine these properties. For safety of the drivers we refit safety cells – colloquial also named roll cage. These we offer with or without certificate, depending on the range. The point safety should be important for us, for that ORC offers
  • safety belts in different variations
  • fire extinguishers
  • extinguishing systems
  • safety additional tanks
and much more.

GPS – navigation systems and also rallye computers (Tripmaster) are loal companions at journey or rallye sport. ORC only uses nameable products and offers the perfect fitting version – depending on request and place.

We would be pleased to help you finding the best solution for you.

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Interieur, GPS und Rallyecomputer
Interieur, GPS und Rallyecomputer
Interieur, GPS und Rallyecomputer