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Special modifications

Special modifications

Modification for customer request

If unusual wishes come up we say customer is king at ORC. This is why we first want to meet the customer and his request, if there should be a done special modifications. Then we talk about different solutions and after all, the king decides, at which degree the vehicle will be modified. To find a good decision we give you all the information needed. Are there any requirements of the manufacturer, the TÜV or FIA? Will the vehicle be registered in Germany? What are the regulations like in the country of registration? Our aim is always to realize the best possible solution to your wishes.

Yet known?

Many forest holdings swear by the Mercedes G with several adjustments. ORC has a special trailer hitch in program, which brings the trailer level at uplifted vehicles back to the legal height and the trailer back to the horizontal. To drive on bad roads or tracks, we recommend to modify the vehicle with an ORC suspension kit with double shock absorbers or reinforced springs and/or shocks. A really thrilling recommendation is the modification with portal axles. Therefore the vehicles get a considerably higher chassis clearance under the axles accompaniedd with higher axle loadings. This is what permits us to have a cabin onboard.

When modifying with LED driving lights and mounting of additional LED head lamps or working lights we draw on longlasting experience.

Everything ready to hand if required

Each world traveler knows: You never can have too much storage boxes or shelves. That is why we mount shelves beside the hand brake, over the sunshields or the foldable and lockable roof shelf. In the luggage compartment we also use elaborate and fabricate storage boxes over the wheelhouses, which complement wonderful with our expandable drawer systems. So your G comes with as much neatness as you want to have it. Seat slide extensions, a bracket for notebooks or tablets – we have built all these products on customer request in the past.

We fool around – but please with TÜV-seal

Modifications due to visual reasons like increased suspension kit, fender flares or stuff like that. Just as diverse the personalities of the Mercedes G drivers and Mercedes Sprinter drivers are, so our current program is. Always growing with new ideas. Just tell us, we gladly satisfy your wishes. On special wishes from private persons we are pleased to respond, because this clientele is near to our heart through the personal closeness.

Automotive manufacturers and factory teams

A lot of manufacturers appreciate our experience in construction and modification of Mercedes G and Mercedes Sprinter for the range of promotion cars for example for the use in desert rallyes – as support or rescue vehicle at test drives.

Military usageTo equip the Mercedes G with military consoles for example to mount antennas etc. That is why we were asked to convert some of the Mercedes G of german armed forces with extra strong, reliable, partly hydraulic carriers. Attachment parts for underride protection are made and delivered for engine, gear box, transfer box, axle differentials as well as fuel tanks and in some cases for exhaust attachment.

We love the Mercedes G and the Mercedes Sprinter. And it is our wish to ensure that you will enjoy your reliable car every day.

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