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Specialization on Mercedes G and Mercedes Sprinter

Where does the specialization originate from?

It originates from the times back to company foundation, when 4x4 vehicles were exotic cars and the SUV not yet fabricated. Company founder and rallye enthused Hans-Erwin Baur has driven a huge variety of vehicles from different manufacturers, till he bought his 1st Mercedes G in 1981. This is how the love and enthusiasm to this unique, reliable and strong vehicle started to grow. Even in the rallye sport he - you already guessed it - soon skipped his car in favour of a Mercedes G. Mercedes G-club members got more and more closer together and they were telling him their wishes and needs. Whats more, there had to be an own garage with competent staff to fulfill those wishes.ORC takes time for every customer. All products will be planned elaborate, advised and harmonious. That was the reason for the decision in 1994 to specialize exclusive on the Mercedes G. Mercedes Sprinter was added to our portfolio in the last 10 years, because the 4-wheel version of the transporter was well-qualified for rallyes, as competitor or service vehicle, but also was suitable for world trips because of its robustness and size. For this matter it is getting more and more popular. Even the company take-over in 2015 by Achim Altschäffl did not change the reliability and focus on these two models. On the contrary: New halls, better equipment and closer networking create even more options.

Those come to us:
  • authorities
  • world travelers
  • rangers and hunters
  • craftsmen
  • manufacturer
  • communes
  • military companies
  • drivers in rallye or race sport
  • private individuals with passion to off road driving
  • private individuals with a distinctive sense of style
You are looking for:
  • roof tent
  • elevating roof
  • frame extension
  • portal axles
  • air suspension
  • adjustable shock absorber solutions
  • installation of a toilet
  • installation of a sleeping opportunity
  • installation of a shower
  • retrofit of a speed control
  • retrofit of GPS/navigation system
  • installation of a winch
  • and so on ...
The commonality?

Passionate enthusiasm towards Mercedes G and Mercedes Sprinter as well as the intensive experiencing of freedom and individuality.

You can contact us at +49 (0) 7031 209-280 that the vehicle comes up to match your wishes and requirements.

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Mercedes G-Klasse und Mercedes Sprinter
Mercedes G-Klasse und Mercedes Sprinter
Mercedes G-Klasse und Mercedes Sprinter