Perfect the best

Sophisticated technology to suit your needs.

Mercedes-Benz G by ORC - Off Road Center-web2

Reliability & precision in a single

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter by ORC - Off-Road-Center

Large living space or transport volume in Off-Road.

Aesthetics & elegance meet technology & robustness.

Mercedes-Benz X by ORC - Off-Road-Center

Character with individuality in the

Mercedes-Benz - PUCH-by ORC - Off-Road-Center

meets know-how

Why ORC?

  • Everyday life: Performance without compromise? Describe the challenges facing your car and we will find a solution.
  • Hobby: In free times connected with nature. We will prepare your vehicle for you so that you can leave the everyday life behind.
  • Hunt: For hunters, we develop new solutions for your security, help, and optimal use of the vehicle in the woods and fields.
  • Travels: Turn off and let go! Together with you we realize your dream to explore the wide world comfortably and safely.
  • Military: Special constructions for various purposes are also developed and built by us.

And your ideas … ?!

ORC Mercedes G3 Parade

Meeting with customers and friends in front of the breathtaking Zillertal – 2017

Your advantage based on our experience!

Individueller Fahrzeugbau - 35 Jahre
Veredelung seriennaher Fahrzeuge - 10 Jahre
Sonderkonstruktionen - 10 Jahre
Expeditionsmobile - 10 Jahre
Motorenumbauten & Komplettrestaurationen - 8 Jahre

My passion for the Mercedes G brought me to ORC in 1995 via off-road rallying. And until today, these flexible, adaptable and durable cars fascinate me.

At the end of 2014, company founder Hans-Erwin Baur retired and handed the ORC – Off Road Center into my hands.

Together with highly qualified employees and concentrated know-how, we take on new challenges from our customers every day in order to optimally adapt off-road vehicles for you and your tasks. The sophisticated technology of the Mercedes Off-Road stands for reliability and resilience.

That’s why we pursuit to perfect the best for you.

Achim Altschäffl - ORC - Off Road Center Holzgerlingen

Achim Altschäffl