Expedition vehicles

Fabrication of expedition vehicles based on Mercedes. To meet the requirements and wishes of our customers, we just learn in individual conversations what the project should be about. Starting from this point it is usually fast clarified where

„the journey will take us“

The basis

Most commonly the vehicle, no matter if Mercedes G or Mercedes Sprinter, will be modified with a stronger and/or lifted suspension kit.


Water and fuel tanks are frequently very important parts dealing with vehicle modifications, because the supply with these essential liquids is not warranted throughout expedition trials or world travels.

ORC - Off Road Center - Mercedes G Unterfahrschutz

Protection and attachment parts of high valency

Important for these vehicles are necessary protections like the front underride protection for the transfer box and especially for the fuel tank, so that these main parts are protected against damage or rupture in rough territory.

Additionally we may fit some winches at the front and/or at the rear – fixed or removable. To always keep on track, we offer a range various headlamps, whether spread or long distance beam, electrical adjustable, fixed or with magnet bracket mounted – it is your choice.

We provide rear view cameras, Wlan, 230V, power inverter and much more, there are almost no wishes unfulfilled for the big adventure in the distance.

Living & sleeping

Roof racks with suitable roof ladders make sure that the valuable place on the roof is completely usable as storage room or sleeping berth. Furnished with dustproof and waterproof Zarges-/storage boxes you gain great transport possibilities.

Alternatively you may mount a roof tent directly onto the roof or onto the roof rack. So you sleep at safe height.

Maybe we take you one step further and mount one of our CFK-cabins. In this case there are almost no limits. No matter if heating, shower or living room with kitchen, almost anything will be made possible.

ORC - Off Road Center - Dachzelt Mercedes G