Vehicle modifications

Suspension kits, wheels, shock absorbers, winches, snow ploughs – whatever you need.

Needs, wishes and orientations are manifold and would also be handled from us like that. First we need to know what you want to do with your vehicle. Maybe you just want to have some new wheels, to give your vehicle unique and new look, or you want to drive bigger tires, to silhouette against other vehicles, or you need more ground clearance under the axles to drive the rough tracks.


You tell us your plan – we tell you how to realize and recommend the different solutions. We exactly tell about what is possible and what should be done.

Suspension kit and chassis clearance

Everybody has different requirements for his vehicle. Especially at the range suspension kit and shock absorbers we exactly need to know, what are your requirements. A hunter for example just needs a lifting for bigger tires, to get better through deep tracks in the wood.

The traveler uses to have a lot of additional weight in the vehicle, because he wants to / could / has to be without a hotel for days. By fitting a roof rack with place for much luggage or a roof tent, the center of gravity most time is much higher.

Whether desert, steppe or wilderness: The suspension kit decides, if we really can enjoy the travel and adventure. With a competent modification adjustments we avoid needless stops and repairs. For this it is important to adjust the suspension kit optimally. The suspensions will be changed with increased ones and the shock absorbers have to be protected against overheating.

This may be achieved through more volume (shock absorbers with bigger diameters or with a reservoir) or by fitting a second shock absorber with our self-developed double shock absorber brackets. To eliminate swinging motion at the increased center of gravity, we also mount stabilizers, to hand you the usual driving agility and reliability back.

ORC - Off Road Center - Luftfederung

Driving with a trailor and air suspension

The vehicle is too stiff, your garage is not high enough or you want to experience optimized trailer driving? For that we provide a special solution: The ORC air suspension kit.

Adjustable hardness from comfort till sport, the vehicle can be lowered while parking – so you may load more comfortable or make sure that your car fits to your garage or carport.

At the same time the air suspension is an automatic level control which makes trailer driving much more comfortable. The suspension continuously attempting to hold the vehicle – in spite of ground waves – on the same level.

Fun and usability

Another range is the point of fun and use. Someone makes it private, others professional: With the Mercedes G far away of official roads and tracks. However they want to be independent and autarkic. In this case we recommend the fitting of a winch.

Also there are different solutions: Fixed mounted at the vehicle with special mounting kit or winch bumpers or removable with adapter plates, which can be mounted at the front and/or at the rear.

Safe through off road terrain

Our wish is to guard the vehicle and the driver during off road driving against damages. For that ORC constructed reasonable protection plates for the underbody, which we gladly show and offer. All works and modifications will be done under highest quality standards. By the way: our racing sport experience should be a recommendation.

Special adaptions

In case of commercial usage of the vehicle commercial – for example in winter road maintenance – you need a snow plough and salt spreader. We provide several solution proposals for that.

Talk to us, we will find a solution.

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