Engine modifications, adaptions and tuning

Since many years we realize engine modifications. At the first models of the Mercedes G there were no powerful engines available off-the-shelf. Therefore we have had the possibility to come up to the customer requests for a much more powerful Mercedes engine.

So 1998 ORC fitted a V12 engine with 400 hp in a G-class. That was a premiere and caused a stir. Since several years powerful gaz and diesel engines are available in series for Mercedes G. Engine modifications are still great in demand especially for application races and rallye sports.

Power enhancement

Concenrning tuning / power enhancement one distinguishes between the older, conventional engines and modern software controlled engines.

In case of the older engines there are all application spectrums of technical upgrades available.

In case of modern engines the power enhancement results predominantly from optimization at the control unit (software tuning).

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Engine reconditioning

Engine reconditioning is actually very interesting when talking of car restoration. The Mercedes G is still popular and more and more cars come back as classic cars.

For these classic cars it is worth to think about a complete engine recondition, before the engine will be irreparably damaged. Experienced engine experts demote the engine to new condition or bring it to an optimum status by adaption.

If you want to travel in the big, wide world, tell us, so we can check if your car is prepared for the supply with possibly worse fuel. If not, we will give you advise in the possibilities to get man and machine safe to the target.

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