Camper modification

The Mercedes G with camper modifications. A camper modification exclusively built on your requests. On offer an almost endless range from roof tent over elevating roof to Mercedes ORC G-Camp.

G-Camp is a complete camper cabin with pop-top roof in CFK-comb bonding plates and carbon molded parts. Transportation in an overseas container is possible, the external dimensions for container transport are not reached.

The ORC Mercedes Sprinter camper – equal if with four-wheel drive or conventional gear. Depending on intended purpose and extension level there is added more sportiness or more comfort. The light and strong in-house manufactured cabin with lifting roof provides enough room for a fully adequate wet cell, which makes travelling much more convenient.

Sprinter van

The Mercedes Sprinter vans offer flexible partitioning to a maximum scale. Main goal is to maximise usability.

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Gross vehicle weight

A very important point doing modifications is the gross vehicle weight.

It makes no sense to modify the car with all extras available and hitting the maximum gross vehicle weight after filling the fuel and water tanks. This is why we use light components and strongly recommend to find out together where your priorities are.

Features at the end of your list could be left out. Because campers have to run the weight control regularly, this point is one of the most important at the beginning of the expansion planning.

Requests and their implementation

Partner for retrofitting respectively conversion of an existing camper.

You need wheels, tires, an lifting suspension kit, navigation systems, additional fuel tanks or water tanks, winches or underride protections? We care for it.

Modifications will be realized in accordance to manufacturer standards and delivered including TÜV-certification (if needed, obligatory for cars registered in Germany). After handover you are ready start immediately exploring your dream destinations with your car. You can look forward to the adventure which could start right now at ORC!

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